Linton United Methodist

                                  Our Prayer List

Anita Jane Burton-cancer
Barb Nailer's mother-chemo
Barry and Regina
Beau Reynolds-life decisions
Betty Hunter
Betty Irvin-heart
Bill Ashby-bone cancer
Billy Dawson-cancer
Billy Morris
Blake Kostrzebski
Bobby Wallace
Cathy Johnston
Carla's brother-Steve
Caroline Redd/Jamus & Kendra
Charlene Armer
Children being bullied
Chuck Wiseman
Children of deployed
Carol Kostrzebski's mother
Clayton Ladd
 Christy & Clay Reynolds
Craig Dial
Cody Hargrove
Connie Hargrove
David & Mary Staples
David Warfield-incarcerated
Debbie Pryor-cancer
Donnie Elliot-brain cancer
Dorothy Dawes-cancer
Douglas Edmonson-throat cancer
Ed Vinson-cancer
Eddie Gray's mother
Gene & Judy White/Judy's mom
Glen Cunningham
Goose Wallace-cancer
Hank Snyder
Ida Allen
Jack Hale
Jaxon and Lucas Hampton
Jean Travis
Jeff Taylor
Jimmy Birdsong/heart
Jim Finley-cancer
Jimmy McElroy-Leukemia/unsaved
Jimmy McNichols
Joan Shoemaker-dementia
Joe Jolly/daughter
Jo Tyler-cancer
John Elker-cancer
John Hainsworth
Johnny Hart-leukemia
Johnny McCoy-cancer
Joyce Anderson
Judy Hunter-hypertension heart/lungs
Kenny & Betty Rogers
Kenny Bridges-salvation
David, LaNell and family-Mom & Dad 
Laura Walker-stroke
Lennox Pflederer-blessings
Lindsi and Chris Pflederer-parental guidance
Linda Taylor
Mary Ann Thomas-breast cancer
Mary Bass-open heart surgery
Mary Lee Mitcheson
McKinley Wease-cystic fibrosis
Nancy Turner-breast cancer
Our Country and its Leaders
Our Soldiers
Patricia Walsh-breast cancer
Paulette Doss
People on dialysis and their nurses
Ricky Jones-blood pressure
Rod & Kaye Burgess & family
Sabrina Free-niece/headaches
Service men and Service women
Scott Adams
Sid Curtis
Smith Broadbent-Parkinson's disease
Sonny Gray
Terry Braboy
Terry & Sheila McNichols
Tim Hughes-lung/bone cancer
Virginia Merrick
Virginia Wallace
Wilda Underhill-dementia
Zane Fletcher-cirrhosis of the liver
*Salvation for the lost
*Praise for answered prayers
*All Unspoken requests
*Traveling Grace
*Those searching for jobs
*Cures for diseases
*Those incarcerated